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What people say about my photography workshops, courses and tours
Adam Bentley, Yarra Ranges one-day photography workshop, March 2014

I recently bought a digital SLR camera and started photography as a hobby. I found David’s one day landscape photography course on his website which I thought would suit my needs as a beginner due to the small groups on each course. On the day I learnt a huge amount about my camera, lens and how to use it. David’s knowledge of photgraphy is amazing and he was more than happy to share it. I came away with some very inspiring photos, a much greater knowledge of photography and will definately enrol in anothor day course with David. I am hooked!

Jo Sullivan, Mornington Peninsula one-to-one landscape photography workshop, March 2014

Thank you, David, for a totally Inspiring day out photographing the stunning seascapes along the Mornington Peninsula. As an experienced amateur, I was looking for a workshop with a tutor who would inspire and extend me further on my photographic journey. It was great to be able to talk cameras and photography with someone as experienced as you. I was delighted to get some shots I had only ever dreamed of taking. Being able to talk through some of my shots and how to improve them in Lightroom was a bonus. My family and photographer friends were all very impressed with the images I took on that day. Since arriving back in NZ, I have ordered myself a set of ND filters and hope to try them out creating equally fantastic images on our coastline here. Next time I cross the ditch, I will be booking my workshop with you first and then booking the flights and rest of my holiday around that!

Peter Knauer, Yarra Ranges landscape photography workshop, June 2013

I spent a great day with David in June, 2013, in the Yarra Ranges. Immersed in forest and exploring flowing streams and waterfalls, I learnt about composition, filters, the histogram, using a tripod, better understanding my camera, and even the correct way to hold the camera for portrait shots. There were many other lessons learned too extensive to list here but, suffice to say, I highly recommend David to any who wish to improve their photography skills. A bonus on the day was creating images that will soon be mounted on my lounge room wall.

Jo Tran, Mornington Peninsula one-to-one landscape photography workshop, July 2013

Thank you for a great day of photography. Your locations selection and ideas were very spot-on! I really enjoyed your idea of using a handheld frame to find the best composition before taking out the camera.

Arco de Bruin, Landscape photography one-on-one workshop, Melbourne, April 2013

My partner bought this one day workshop for me as a birthday gift. At first I was afraid I would hear the same things I could read in photography books. But, following a few pre-workshop emails and a short phone call with David, we started precisely at my level. I really enjoyed our day in Melbourne and I learned heaps!

Alison McLeod, Exploring Digital Photography, Sedbergh, March 2012

Thanks very much for your excellent teaching, inspiration, patience and humour, and I hope you have a wonderful life in Australia.

Nick Hall, Exploring Digital Photography, Sedbergh, December 2011

David manages to teach with a lightness of touch while presenting complex topics. His classes are relaxed and informative. I have met my goals and exceeded my expectations.

Jane Mitchell, Lake District in Autumn, October 2011

I enjoyed the photography time at Glaramara. I thought that the pace was good. I thought having a morning workshop indoors reviewing the pictures was well timed in the middle of the three days and it was good to do a bit of reflection at that point instead of rushing out to take more photos.

Peter Williams, Lake District in Autumn, October 2011

Enjoyed the course as it was far better than I had imagined especially as it was the first time I have been on one. It was well planned with the right ammount of time out photographing and inside reviewing the day’s work. Pleased that we did not spend too much time travelling to the locations and that there was a relaxed attitude to everyone’s different abilities and competencies. Will you see me again? A definite yes.

David Morley, Mountain Landscape Photography, Lake District August 2011

Having read through David’s other numerous testimonials, I’m left with not much more to say, short of endorsing everything his students have recorded. David is an excellent photographer and tutor, so capable of sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm. My personal goal in these seemingly very brief four days, was to try to develop an eye for a good picture. With the valuable building blocks of information provided by David I feel progress has been made. I am most grateful for his addictive passion for his subject and the unspoken, but obvious mantra – nothing is too much trouble to get the perfect shot. If only I didn’t live so far away….but, David has made his continuing support available through the internet, where I can still draw on his inspiration. I am confident I will continue to improve by following his lead.

Martin Betts, Landscape Photography, Northumberland April 2010

I suppose I booked the workshop expecting it would be much the same as another landscape workshop I had attended with another company – being taken to a location and pretty much left to get on with it apart from the odd ‘tip’ from the professional. How wrong I was! Throughout the few days we were together, I was delighted with the thought you had put into making sure we went to the right places, the briefings you gave throughout each day (all of them entirely optional, but I didn’t see anyone missing them!) and, of course, time with you in the evening to review our efforts. I learnt so much and feel much more confident with my camera now and I’ll certainly be booking with you for my next trip.

Alison Steer, Landscape Photography, Northumberland April 2011

I really enjoyed the photography holiday and I think I have progressed. I thought you were brilliant in everything you did and that you suggested. We all got so much from our time with you. Thank you.

Jennifer Rae, January 2011

Eighteen months ago when I first attended David’s class at Sedbergh I was an almost complete novice about photography, but keen to find out more.  Over the period since then I have been learning from David about the various skills of photography, plus how to use my DSLR camera and then how to manage and edit images in Lightroom. I have struggled to absorb so much information in a relatively short space of time and David’s seemingly endless patience has been extremely valuable. In addition to attending his classes at Sedbergh, I have been on outings with him and have also spent many absorbing hours learning Lightroom, with one-to-one tuition at his studio followed by plenty of supporting follow-up information and help. Whether David enjoys teaching as much as he appears to with his continuing enthusiasm, patience and sense of humour, I don’t know; however, I find him not only an excellent and knowledgeable teacher but also one who is both interesting and entertaining to learn with. My thanks for everything so far—including the ‘party’ with your wife and daughter on my birthday!

Phil Buckle, “Festive in-Between Time” photography workshop, December 2010

Thanks again for a great informative day which I thoroughly enjoyed. I would like to participate again, probably in the Dales next time.

Sue Crossley, one-to-one Lightroom workshop, September 2010

I would just like to thank David and his family for making me so welcome. I enjoyed my day with them very much in their beautiful home. My objective was to learn as much as possible about Lightroom 3 and how to edit my photographs—all in one day! David was extremely well organised and managed to work his way through my entire list of requirements to ensure I went away armed with the knowledge I needed to continue the learning process. From knowing absolutely nothing about Lightroom 3, I now feel very confident about it and have managed to edit approximately three hundred images in the last two days! Anybody need an editor? David has also provided me with follow-up information via links and videos so I can remind myself of the work we covered during the workshop.

Anonymous guest feedback from HF Holidays’ Making the most of your Canon EOS, Malhamdale, July 2010

David is a superb teacher of photography, he is knowledgeable, explains clearly and with humour. It would be difficult to find a tutor to match him and I am privileged to have been part of his group.

Jean McPherson, HF Holidays’ Making the most of your Canon EOS, Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales

Many thanks for a most rewarding course. I thought you very skilfully pitched it at just the right level for our group and there was an excellent balance of theory (not too much) and very helpful guided practical experience. Your very clear explanations demystified some of the technical side of using my Canon and I was particularly pleased to have some advice on composition whilst we were out enjoying the beautiful Malham landscape. I now feel able to try shots using different exposures (bracketing) and I know I shall learn from this. My only criticism of the course was that it was too short!

Sue Reed, HF Holidays’ Making the most of your Canon EOS, Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales

Thank you for all your input on the course. I really enjoyed your enthusiastic approach to your subject and felt I benefited a lot.

Mike Dorrington, HF Holidays’ Around Britain with a Camera, Alnmouth, Northumberland

Thanks again for a brilliant few days at Alnmouth. As a leader I think you got it just right, I learnt a few things and enjoyed every minute.

David White, HF Holidays’ Photographs in a Winter Landscape, Derwentbank, Lake District

I should like to thank you for making our holiday a great experience. This was achieved because of the tremendous effort you made and the professionalism and expertise you exhibited. I am sure everyone took away a lot from your apparently effortless leadership and guidance. I look forward to seeing you on future HF holidays.

Marjorie Baillie, HF Holidays’ Photographs in a Winter Landscape, Derwentbank, Lake District

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the photo holiday at Derwentbank. I learnt a lot and had other teaching and knowledge consolidated. You did well to share yourself amongst the group and give us all time. You were also very good at answering questions at the correct level for different people with their varying skills and knowledge. Hope you have a very good time in Alnmouth and that I will be able to come on one of your holidays or courses in the future.

Ken Poole, HF Holidays’ Photographs in a Winter Landscape, Derwentbank, Lake District

Just a few words to say thank you David for making last week so enjoyable & interesting. I’ve just looked through my photos – I especially like some of those taken at Easedale Tarn. That was a fantastic sight, well worth the effort! Your advice & tips were really helpful – now whenever I take a photo I’m thinking “edge action” i.e. try to avoid it! And of course SAS.

Alec Lyon, organiser of Sedbergh FolkFest

David’s photographs of the 2009 festival really captured the unique atmosphere of the event in a way we have not been able to do so in the past. We are delighted he is returning as our official photographer for 2010!

Carole Lloyd, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria

I attended a 10 week course of digital photography run by David who has helped me to unlock a new eye of what is in the natural world around me and within my own four walls. His tutoring techniques are inspirational and he has a natural ability to work with both new-to-the-subject students and people who have been taking photographs all their life. He is relaxed in the teaching environment and is able to adapt the situation to cover all aspects of the individual needs of each student. Thank you David, the camera still clicks every time I go out.

Trevor Maddison, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Sedbergh, Cumbria

I just wanted to write a note of appreciation for your part in re-igniting my enthusiasm in photography through your excellent images, knowledge of the subject and humorous presentation. Digital cameras have opened up a huge opportunity for amateur photographers but it can be a daunting challenge to get started. Thanks for setting me in motion and pointing me in the right direction.

Christine Wood, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Sedbergh, Cumbria

David has the rare ability to cater for students from complete beginners to experienced photographers all in the same class. He takes careful account of what each student wants to achieve and everyone’s objectives are catered for. At the same time, he gives an excellent, professional course on different aspects of digital photography and imaging. I have learnt to get a lot more from my camera. I had the rather unusual objective of wanting to improve my photos of black children in the bright sunlight of Kenya, and thanks to David’s class, I most certainly have.

Patricia Barber, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Sedbergh, Cumbria

Having attended a 10 week evening course with David, I must write to say how much I enjoyed it. The course covered many aspects from using the camera and how to get the best out of it; storage, retrieval and utilising various software for editing. We also looked at each others photos and discussed what we thought of them and how they might be improved. Information was delivered in an easy, informative way with lots of humour and tremendous enthusiasm for his subject. All in all, a most instructive and pleasant way to spend an evening.

Barry Healas, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Barbon, Cumbria

Having known David for a couple of years now, and having attended his courses, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of knowledge that he possesses and the ability to enthuse and demonstrate this with great assuredness. I always learn something new even if I forget it the next day! Last year, I invited David to be the Official Photographer for the Old Gaffer Association Sailing events on Ullswater in the UK.

Barbara Abbott, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Kirkby Stephen

I work as a photographer and joined David’s photography class with my daughter (a novice) to try and broaden my photographic knowledge. We both got a lot from the classes. David has a good knowledge both of photography and processing and also has an ‘eye’ for a photo. The classes motivated me to try new techniques and different genres of photography as well as being fun to go to.

Marion, Digital Photography and Image Editing, Sedbergh, Cumbria

My main objective was to get sufficient knowledge to be able bully my dear but stubborn husband to try using a digital camera.  I have never been any good at photography but during the recent snowy weather I set off to take some shots of the house and our animals in these conditions.  Having witnessed, whilst appearing not to have noticed, what I was doing, Bill couldn’t stand it any longer and took over, (he does take a pretty good shot). A day or so later, when I wanted to copy a pattern of a quilt I was making, he appeared with the camera and said “I’ll take a photograph of it. If we have the technology we might as well use it. Mission accomplished!  So thank you twice!

Images, insights and photography workshops by David Barrett