Entertaining swings and roundabouts with Epson

eBay disposal of my last professional-grade Epson printer ahead of five years’ dusty renovations here at The Mill has meant I’ve not done my own printing for far too long.

Talking to peers and students, I’ve added extra rationalisation excuses about the single-malt-whiskey-dwarfing price of archival printer ink and the matte and glossy black art of colour management.

“It makes more sense to outsource,” I’d opine. And I really believed it for volume printing.

But those of us who know—we know that, If you or your image buyer can afford the time and care of printing an image yourself, after you begin to know what you are doing, finishing your own individual images is immensely satisfying.

In the next phase of my photography I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with the joyous fastidiousness of it all.

Entertaining irony today, then, when I read on my Getty Images’ monthly statement that Epson Europe has licensed the photograph below: my royalty payment will just about fund half a pack of  Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper!

Paying its way

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