Little starter

The Howgills taken from the other side of the River Lune
A wedge of evening light slices into the Lune Valley below the Howgill Fells (B&W version below)

It seems like longer, but my Lee Filters’ Big Stopper 10-stop filter was delivered just short of six months after I placed my online order with Speed Graphic. Lee aficionados will know that such a wait for these expensive squares of glass is par for the course due to demand far outstripping supply and, I was told, to quality issues.

I did become impatient during the wait, but never enough to pay the nearly double retail price that Big Stoppers were/are fetching on eBay. At one point I wrote an email to Lee asking if they knew why there was constant supply these otherwise scarce filters available at inflated prices on the auction site. I didn’t’ get a reply.

Never mind.

Today was my first short trip out armed with the BS. The previous evening I had, as recommended by Lee, done some test shots to establish how close to 10-stops my ten-stopper really is. Ten and a third apparently. So all that is necessary until I make myself or Google for a ten-and-third-stop ready reckoner is convert the conventional shutter speed to a decimal and multiply that by 1365. I was pleased to find a calculator in the “Extras” menu on my steam-powered not an iPhone. Yes, I expect there’s an iPhone app.

The image above is my first little starter with the Big Stopper. Nothing spectacular. Rather too chocolate box but fun.

The technical

Above: 25 seconds at f16. Nikon D700 with 24 – 70 lens at 24 mm. Lee 0.3 grad and, finally, Lee Big Stopper. Curves adjustments in Photoshop.

Below: 47 seconds at f16. Nikon D700 with 24 – 70 lens at 42 mm. Lee 0.6 grad and, Lee Big Stopper. Curves adjustments in Photoshop.

Bottom: Silver Efex Pro 2 conversion.

Lingering Howgills exposure


And in black and white

3 thoughts on “Little starter”

  1. I’ve had my Big Stopper almost since it was released and did not have to wait too long for delivery.
    It’s a fun accessory that although not used very often will produce an image where I might have otherwise packed up and gone home.
    I have an android app that saves me all the mental arithmetic and includes a timer.
    Take good care of it as I have some friends who have dropped and broken their Big Stoppers and are still waiting for replacements.
    Have fun with your new filter.

  2. Thanks David. Yes I’ve enjoyed looking at some of your BS mediated images. Understand about the need babying the BS as I have some of Lee’s other pro glass filters, which, fingers crossed, have so far survived.

  3. I prefer the one with the tree on the right as the light on the hills is more naturel however I like the way the tree on the left leans both ways.

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